GAA Development Fund


• The variable interest rate is currently at 1.9%.

• The minimum deposit to open an account in the Scheme is €1,000.

• Initial confirmation on the length of time the deposit is to be held in the fund is required. Annual updates on same will need to be provided by the club.

• Details of the Unit investing in the Fund must be provided.

• Clubs who are depositors in the Fund will be given priority consideration for a loan where demand exceeds supply.


• A club may make an application for a loan from the Development Fund for purchasing property or the development of club property.

• Bar Facilities or renting out facilities are not covered by the fund.

• The interest rate applicable is a variable interest rate, currently 1.9%.

• Funding is only applicable to vested GAA properties.

• Only clubs ready to start works should apply. Clubs will have 6 months from the letter of offer to drawdown the loan.

• Loan term is a maximum of 10 years.

• The cumulative maximum amount available to any one Club is €100,000/£100,000 stg.

• Repayments are monthly via Direct debit/Standing Order.

• All loans must be guaranteed by the County Board and a recommendation received from the Provincial Council.

The loan fund is currently closed. We are not accepting any loan applications. The plan is to open on the 1st of December and close on the 31st of January each year going forward depending on the capacity in the fund.

Deposit forms should be returned by email to or