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Becoming a Coach

Liberty Insuring Future GAA Stars Through Coaching Commitment

Liberty Insuring Future GAA Stars Through Coaching Commitment

To create a coaching system which produces and supports the development of coaches and players at all stages of development, the GAA has revised its Coach Education Programme to take account of the different playing capacities that exist between children (up to 11 years), youths (age 12 – 17) and adults (age 18+), and the competencies that a coach is required to display when working with each of these playing populations. These streams have been identified to cater for the diverse needs of children, of youths and of adults as established in the Player Pathway.

The aim of the GAA Coach Education Programme is to ensure that all players and teams are coached by a person qualified to the appropriate level who can enable them to achieve their full potential.

The programme provides the opportunity for coaches to specialise in catering for the particular needs of Child, Youth and Adult players as they strive towards Total Playing Performance (TPP). It recognises that they will be best qualified to do so when using a games-based approach to training and development and when they have the required level of management and leadership capability, developed through a process of experience and reflection.

The Coach 10 Model identifies the Motivational & Vocational Attributes which combine to drive this process and create an environment within which Coaching and Communication Inputs produce a Cohesive Team within a context of individual and collective well-being.

The programme is grounded in the Association values of Community Identity, Amateur Status, Inclusiveness, Respect, Player Welfare and Teamwork.

Applied Lifelong Learning

The Coach Education Programme focuses on continuing education, so that coaches can improve by means of a series of specifically designed courses, workshops and conferences incorporating internationally recognised principles of best practice. The principle of Applied Lifelong Learning makes provision for coaches to continually develop their skills and to progress at a rate suited to their own development.

Coach Education Programme Courses

To date, courses have been developed at the following stages:

  • Foundation Award
  • Award 1
  • Award 2

The Award 3 programme is currently under development

To register on a Coach Education Programme Course check out the events calendar for your area or contact your local Games Development Personnel here.