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The umpires in action

The umpires in action

Two umpires are situated at each end of the field of play, positioned behind each goalpost behind the end line.

The umpires remain at the same end for the duration of the game.

What are the Duties of an Umpire?

The umpire indicates either by hand or by flag signal:

  • A 45m free in football or a 65m free in hurling, by raising an arm upright, and then pointing directly infield, from the place where the ball passed over the endline,
  • A wide ball by crossing both arms above the head,
  • A score by raising a green flag for a goal or a white flag for a point, in front of the scoring space,
  • A decision to disallow a score by crossing the flags at the centre of the scoring space.

Powers of Umpires

The umpire has the power to bring to the attention of the referee, during a break in play, any instances of foul play or incursions onto the field of play which have not been noticed by the referee. It is the duty of the umpire to report any such instances and his obligation is to do so by providing the factual situation regarding the instance.