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National Club Draw

GAA National Club Draw 2019

The GAA National Club Draw is now an annual event following its success over the past five years, in which over €6million has been raised by clubs. The sole purpose of the GAA National Club Draw is to assist clubs in their drive to raise much needed funds to aid in the development and the promotion of our games.

  • This is an opportunity for clubs to raise up to €20,000.
  • Each club retains all the proceeds from the tickets sold by their club.
  • All prizes are provided by Ard Chomhairle.

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Club Specific Draw

After it's success last year, the GAA is continuing a specific draw for all clubs who record, account for and sell a minimum of 200 tickets. The prizes will be provided by the Central Council.

For clubs to qualify for the draw they must have:

1. Sold a minimum of 200 tickets.

2. Recorded all sold tickets on the online ticket recording system.

3. Accounted for all funds raised in the club accounts - i.e. the amount shown in club income should correspond with the total ticket sales amount.

4. Adhered to all terms and conditions of the Draw.

The Prizes for the 2019 Club Specific Draw

***NEW PRIZE*** A chance to play a championship game in Croke Park.

A Draw for all Counties will take place in which 3 Clubs will win a prize of €5,000.

A separate Draw for each county by which 1 club in the county will win €1,000.

The Club which sells the highest amount of tickets in their province, will receive a prize of €1,000.

Details for the 2019 GAA National Club Draw

  • Tickets are €10 each and are printed in books of 5 tickets.
  • Each club will receive an initial allocation based on last year’s ticket sales.
  • Each club will receive a minimum of 100 tickets in their initial allocation.
  • Each club can request additional tickets if required.
  • Each club can obtain up to 2,000 tickets.
  • Participation in the Draw is not compulsory.
  • Each County has assigned a designated G.A.A. National Club Draw County Liaison Officer who will coordinate the collection of tickets from Croke Park, the distribution of tickets to each club and the reconciliation of tickets returned by each club.

Important Dates

Initial allocations of tickets can be collected from you respective County Liaison Officer.

  • Additional tickets can be requested up until Friday, 1st February 2019.
  • Tickets (sold and unsold) to be returned to your County Liaison Officer by Monday, February 11th 2019 (Tickets should not be sent directly to Croke Park by any club).
  • Tickets returned after this date will not be included in the Draw.
  • The G.A.A. National Club Draw will take place on Wednesday, 6th March 2019.
  • Presentation of the prizes will take place in Croke Park on St. Patrick's Day, 17th March 2019.

General Terms & Conditions

Please note that the Draw is subject to terms and conditions as outlined on the back of the ticket. It is also important to note that clubs are not permitted to purchase tickets in their own club name or to give free tickets away for any purposes.

Every ticket must be accounted for in accordance with the licence obtained from the courts and as such the details of the tickets sold by your club must be entered into the online ticket recording system. Tickets that are returned but not entered on the online ticket recording system will a) not be entered in the Draw and b) your club will not be entered in the Club Specific Draw if it has sold the minimum of 200 tickets. All tickets must be returned to your respective County Liaison Officer by February 8th 2018. Tickets should not be sent directly to Croke Park by any club.

All funds raised from the G.A.A. National Club Draw by each club must be reflected in their annual accounts, which are submitted to their respective County Boards.

Information and Contact Details

If you have any general queries, or need additional promotional material for your club, or if you wish to request additional tickets for your club, please contact your County Liaison Officer or the G.A.A. National Finance Department a nationalclubdraw@gaa.ie

If you require any technical support in relation to the online ticket recording system, i.e. if you are having log in problems or have any troubleshooting queries, please contact the support team directly at ncdsupport@gaa.ie or call 018843298. The support team is available from 9a.m. to 5:30p.m. Monday to Friday.

The link for the online ticket recording system is http://gaa-clubdraw.cloudapp.net/GAAClubDraw/

Please note that your club's login credentials are available from your County Liaison Officer or by contacting nationalclubdraw@gaa.ie or ncdsupport@gaa.ie

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