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Club Planning Programme

Club Planning 1

Club Planning 1


All clubs should plan ahead for the future. The Club Planning Programme provides clubs with a structured approach to developing a plan. The main part of the programme is the club planning workshop, where all of the clubs members are invited to attend a facilitated workshop to discuss all aspects of club activity.

Phase 1: Getting Started

This phase looks at how a Club can get involved in the process and what the first steps are. The Club should submit an Expression of Interest Form to their County Planning and Training Officer who then submits it to the Provincial and National Coordinator. From here the Club should have appointed the Coordinator to lead the process, while the National and Provincial Coordinators will liaise to get a Club Planning Facilitator assigned to the Club. Once a facilitator has been assigned, they will make initial contact with the Club to begin the process.

Phase 2: Doing the Groundwork

Phase two in the creation of a Club Development Plan focuses on making sure a Club is prepared and equipped in the best possible way for the activity that follows. This section is where the Club really put in the work by conducting surveys, analysis, promoting the project in order to get the most beneficial results out of it. They also begin preparation for the Club Planning Workshop.

Phase 3: Creating the Strategy

One of the most important steps of the process is the Club Planning Workshop. This is where all members of the Club and the wider community are invited to attend and to voice their opinions. The Focus Groups established at the Workshop should consult regularly on the information obtained and begin to agree on the key action points that need to be addressed. This leads to the ongoing consultation which will highlight to the committee, the wider Club members and the local community, what exactly is set out to be achieved in the plan.

Phase 4: Writing the Plan

Once all recommendations from the Focus Groups are compiled, the Club Plan Steering Committee then begin to draft the plan. The draft plan should be analysed against the SCORE Framework and ensure that it streamlines with what should be included in the Plan Template which is provided on Tobar. Once the document has been finalised, the Club should look to hold an event when launching the plan. All members of the Club and the wider community should know about the plan and what it sets out to achieve in a positive manner. Hard copies should be available but also ensure it is available online.

Phase 5: Achieving Results

Once the Club has launched its plan, the real work will begin through the implementation. The Club Plan Implementation Committee will decide on priorities, delegate tasks, raising awareness, monitoring progress and reporting on progress.

For more information please visit: https://learning.gaa.ie/clubplanning