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GAA Injury Benefit Fund

The mandatory benefit fund provides benefits to registered members playing the national games of Hurling, Gaelic Football, Handball and Rounders’ whose clubs are registered with the fund. The GAA Injury Benefit Fund is a Self-funded benefit fund funded entirely from GAA funds with no outside involvement. The GAA Injury Benefit Fund does not seek to compensate fully for Injuries sustained but to supplement other Schemes such as Personal Accident or Health Insurance. The playing of our national games involves the risk of Injury and it is each individual registered player’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the terms and benefits of the GAA Injury Benefit Fund. The Injury Benefit Fund only provides cover for unrecoverable losses up to the limits specified. The responsibility to ensure that adequate cover is in place lies with the individual member and members should not use the fund as their only recourse or be dependent on the fund to compensate them fully for any losses associated with the injury sustained.

Renewal invitation were issued to all clubs in December. As per the email please follow these instructions for renewal:

• Please log into https://people.gaa.ie

• Please use the web browsers Google Chrome and Firefox when accessing https://people.gaa.ie otherwise you will receive an error message.

• Each club has been provided with a User ID and Password to access the GAA On-line Management System (Servasport). This is the same system whereby member registration is completed.

• Queries in relation to access to the system can be addressed to Servasport at 048-90313845 or gaasupport@servasport.com as Croke Park are unable to assist with such queries.

• Once logged in, please click the Player Injury Fund tab, please check the teams registered and make any adjustments that are required.

• Please also update the secretary and injury find contact information with full address and contact details as this is the information that Willis Towers Watson receive and will be used to contact the club in the event of an Injury Fund claim received.

• Once the details have been updated, please click finish. An invoice will be emailed and again, you are asked to check that the details on it are correct and all teams requiring cover under the Fund are registered

• Please print a copy of the invoice and attach it to a cheque made payable to Cumann Lúthchleas Gael for the total subscriptions outstanding noted on the invoice

• Please send the invoice and cheque to Injury Fund Section, Páirc and Chrócaigh, Baile Atha Cliath 3.

• Payment must be received in full on or before March 1st 2019

• Once payment is received, it will be marked off on GMS and a receipt will be issued

• Should the club \ county wish to add any additional teams as the year goes on, please log on to https://people.gaa.ie and register the additional teams and send the requested payment to Cumann Lúthchleas Gael. Cover for additional teams will not be confirmed until payment is received in full by CLG

Cover under the GAA Injury Benefit fund is provided on a per team basis so amalgamated teams need to be registered under whatever name they field under. Members of the amalgamated team are registered as members of their respective adult club. If they are not registered under the correct name Willis Towers Watson will not have a record of the teams and this will delay the assessment of the claim. Please see link to the Servasport Helpdesk on how to create an amalgamation; - https://servasport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203088556-Amalgamations

2019 Claims Bands
Claims bands are in place for 2019 as following continued detailed analysis of claims trends, it has been established that the claims trends in those clubs who will fall into a claims loading are unsustainable at their current subscription rates and therefore, the Injury Fund needs to be continually rebalanced to ensure the long term financial viability of the Fund. Every club \ county team’s claims experience for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 as at the 30/06/2018 has been reviewed against the annual subscription fees that they have been paying and a band has been assigned to each Club/County. The discount \ load applicable to the club is noted on the invitation renewal and is also noted on the invoice that will be received when the 2019 renewal is confirmed.

What are the bands?

• Band A: Discount of 10% will be applied to total annual subs

• Band B: Claims Load of 10% will be applied to total annual subs

• Band C: Claims Load of 50% will be applied to total annual subs

• Band D: Claims Load of 100% will be applied to total annual subs

Membership & Claims Validation
Please note that the GAA membership year runs from January 1st – December 31st. We are asking clubs to ensure that they are registering their members as early as possible once the Servasport system opens for 2019 registration on 1st January 2019, especially playing members who are participating in training/matches in the early stages of the year.

If a claim is notified to Willis Towers Watson and the claimant is not in the membership system at the date of his claim or is registered after the injury date, the claim will be declined and no appeals will be considered. There is a significant number of claims been reported for unregistered members which will not be tolerated going forward as the GAA Injury Benefit Fund is in place to benefit registered members only.

Key Benefits
The 2019 Summary Document is available to the left hand side of this text. It provides a full breakdown of the benefits available under the Fund.

A summary of these include:

• Medical expenses – maximum of €4500 with the first €100 not covered

• Dental expenses – maximum of €4500 with the first €100 not covered

• Loss of wages – Week 1 – no payment

Weeks 2 – 26 – net loss of basic wages covered up to a maximum of €300 per week

• Capital Benefits – cover is available upon direct application to Croke Park once any entitlement to the above benefits has been paid in full

Claims Process
From January 2nd 2018, all GAA Injury Benefit Fund claims must be reported using the on-line claims application available at https://gaa.willis.ie

• Each and every club \ county secretary must register for the On-line application. Please see the download titled “Online Claims Reporting Training Manual” for full details

• Once you register on the system for the 1st time, you will need to create a password

• Click Add New claim and enter details in all of the required fields.

• All claims are required to be reported to Willis Towers Watson within 60 days of the injury by entering all of the required details and hitting the update claim button.

• You will receive confirmation of a web reference number and this number should be noted on all documents that are forwarded to Willis Towers Watson

• Once you submit the claim on-line, the claim will be submitted to Willis Towers Watson for acknowledgement.

• Once the submitted claim is reviewed by Willis Towers Watson, Willis Towers Watson will acknowledge the claim and it will be forwarded on-line to the relevant County Board for approval

• Once the County Board approves the claim, the status of the claim will change to Documents required and you will receive a notification detailing the relevant claims documents that need to be submitted to assess the claim.

• You will be able to download the relevant sections of the claim form that need to be submitted and advised of the documentation required for the completion of the claim.

• Details of the required documentation are set out in the GAA Injury Benefit Fund Summary Document effective from January 1 2018.

Claims Handlers Details
The team in Willis Towers Watson are the claims handlers who assess the claims documents provided in accordance with the requirement put in place by the Risk and Insurance Committee of the GAA.

No claim will be processed by Willis Towers Watson for the current playing year until renewal is fully completed, payment has been received in full and a receipt issued. GAA Injury Benefit Fund claims received by Willis Towers Watson with a date of injury between January 1 and March 1 will be declined for assessment if payment in full has not been received and a receipt issued by March 1st. All claims will be returned and no appeals considered.


Willis Towers Watson, Elm Park, Merrion Road, Dublin 4 D04 P231

Telephone: (01) 6396343

For further information on the GAA Player Injury Fund, please the Injury Fund team in Croke Park:

GAA Injury Fund Manager

Ciara Clarke – Ciara.Clarke@gaa.ie

_GAA Injury Fund Administrator _

Amy Coll – Amy.Coll@gaa.ie

For general information in relation to the insurances in place for your club by the GAA central placement please contact Ciara Clarke at Ciara.Clarke@gaa.ie or by calling (01) 8363222