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GAA Super Games Centres

GAA Super Games Centres (SGC) are:

A small-sided games format that is provided for youth players aged 12 -17 years on an age related and developmental needs basis incorporating ALL (Applied Lifelong Learning).

They can be based in Club, School and Community locations catering for a population not adequately served by regular school or club games through the traditional competitive structure.

Sky Sports have partnered up with the GAA to provide support to each Super Games Centre in the form of Sky Sports kits and equipment. Regional visits to Super Games Centres with Sky Sports mentors will also be arranged throughout the year.

Some of the key features of a GAA SGC are:

· Activities are Games based with a minimal coaching input.

· Centre operation is Pre-planned (What’s On? Where it’s On? When it’s on?)

· There is a dedicated GAA Super Games Centre Coordinator

· The GAA Play to Stay Values are fostered

The GAA SGC Play to Stay values have been introduced as a method to shape and create an environment that supports and maintains participation.

They are:

 Positive Feedback All communication is positive and promotes growth 
 Empowerment Players shape and own the games experience 
 Belonging Every player feels connected to the GAA 
 Effort Effort and physical fitness is promoted 
 Respect Everyone has due regard for each other's feelings and rights 
 Enjoyment Players have fun 

Why GAA Super Games Centres (GAA SGC)?*

The GAA’s vision is ‘that everybody has the opportunity to be welcomed to take part in our games and culture, to participate fully, to grow and develop and to be inspired to keep a lifelong engagement with our association.’ (The GAA Strategic Action Plan 2015-2017).

However recent research and GAA registration figures are indicating that there is a steady decline in the number of GAA youth level players from the age of 12.

Strategy 1.2 of the GAA Strategic Plan 2015 – 2017 aims to implement new models of participation in both urban and rural areas to deal with the increase/decrease in playing numbers. In order to achieve this, it has been identified that Youth (i.e. GAA Super Games) Centers be developed in each County.

  • Organising GAA Super Games Centres *

GAA SGC’s have a list of specific criteria to guide the organisation of each centre. These are as follows:

  • Minimum 6 week period
  • 60 mins activity per week (e.g. 3 x 20 min games)
  • Games based Approach (Small sided)
  • Minimal Coaching Input
  • Dedicated Super Games Centre Coordinator
  • Facilitation of Play to Stay Values
  • Suitable facilities – Indoor and/or Outdoor

For more information, contact the relevant GAA Games Development Personnel for your area, here.

For more information on GAA Participation Initiatives contact the GAA Games Development office at tracy.bunyan@gaa.ie or 01 819 2356.

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