GAA Sliotar

Pictured is the new GAA Smart Sliotar at Croke Park in Dublin. 
Pictured is the new GAA Smart Sliotar at Croke Park in Dublin. 

The GAA has launched a Smart Sliotar.

The Smart Sliotar project aims to ensure that approved Sliotar suppliers adhere to the Sliotar specification set out in the GAA Official Guide and that approved Sliotars perform on a consistent basis.

In an effective regulatory context, it seeks to address illegal use of the official GAA logo and meets ethical production and supply chain practices as determined by the World Federation of the Sports Goods Industry (WFSGI).

A tag or chip is embedded in the core of the Smart Sliotar which can be read by an app on a mobile phone and can be verified as being an official match ball.

The Smart Sliotar has been used in the 2022 U20 Hurling Championships.

The following provides details of the Sliotar specification/standard, which incorporates the changes that were adopted at the GAA Congress last February on an approval vote of 97.3%.

This specification/standard applies to Sliotars approved for use in official games at Adult Intercounty level:

  • The diameter of the Sliotar - not including the rim (rib) - shall be between 69mm and 72mm.
  • The mass of the Sliotar shall be between 110 and 116 grams.
  • The rim (rib) height shall be between 1.8mm and 2.6mm
  • The rim (rib) width shall be between 3.6 mm and 5.4mm.
  • The thickness of the leather (chrome or synthetic) cover shall be between 1.8mm. and 2.7mm. and shall not be laminated with a coating greater than 0.15mm.
  • Coefficient of Restitution (Level of Bounce) of ideal mean 0.549 with a range of 0.535 – 0.563
  • Colour - Yellow (Pantone Reference 388) & Red stitching thread. 

Sliotars will only be approved for use based on compliance with standards and tests as set out by Central Council.

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