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What is GAA Recipes for Success?


This Recipes for Success booklet – filled with tasty, healthy, performance enhancing recipes that are easy to make – aims to support GAA players and members in making the right choices. However, cooking for yourself is something you can only truly learn by doing. That’s why the unique partnership behind Recipes for Success facilitates bringing teams together to enhance not only their nutritional knowledge but also their practical cookery skills, one of the most important life-skills any player can develop.

During the pilot stage of Recipes for Success selected minor or U21 squads from clubs participating in Phase 1 of the GAA Healthy Club Project experienced a nutritional workshop and a practical “hands on” cookery class. The perfect training for any young adult potentially progressing into third level education and their first requirement to fend for themselves in the kitchen
Recipes for Success is a collaboration between the GAA & St. Angelas, the Home Economics Department here whereby we are trying to promote healthy eating among GAA players.

Recipes for Success has two elements; a “hands on” kitchen-based cookery workshop which is exclusive to Phase 2 Healthy Clubs and a Recipes for Success toolkit which is filled with tasty, healthy, performance enhancing recipes that are easy to make.

This unique collaboration is about bringing together expertise, including leading sports performance nutritionist Dr. Críonna Tobin an array of sectors to respond to an identified need in GAA clubs for both educational and practical programmes supporting healthy eating for sport.

During phase 2 of the GAA’s flagship programme, the Healthy Clubs project (which aims to respond to the health and wellbeing needs of our members and the wider community), Recipes for Success was brought to life by exclusively offering “hands on” cookery classes to the 60 participating clubs.

Recipes for Success Toolkit is very educational and simple’ – Participant from Thomas Davis Club

Who is it for?

Any athlete who is serious about their sport should care about what they put into their bodies. The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ rings even truer on the sporting field than it does in everyday life.

To actively promote and encourage healthy eating choices and habits within our club and community so that good nutrition and overall wellbeing is valued and supported by everyone’


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