Adopting the GAA's Healthy Eating Policy


  • Healthy Clubs aims to create a supportive environment in which it promotes healthy eating for all its members and the wider community, to make the Association a healthier place for everyone to enjoy. 
  • For young people to achieve their full potential, it is essential that they eat healthily. As well, healthy eating provides the building blocks for lifelong health and well-being

How your club can adapt a policy

Any club can adapt a policy around Healthy Eating once they agree to implement the rules given to them, such as informing members of healthy or alternative choices in their diets while also discouraging the use of sugary foods such as chocolate or sports performance drinks such as Lucozade Sport at the training field. E.g 

  • The use of sports supplements and nutritional products (protein & carbohydrate powders/ meal replacements) claiming to enhance performance 
  • The use of sports drinks, bars and gels 
  • Bringing fizzy drinks, sugary drinks, crisps, chocolate & other junk food to training or games
  • Accepting sponsorship from unsuitable food suppliers who hold opposing views 


The club is committed in supporting a whole organisational approach to embed and implement the healthy eating guidelines suggested to them:

  • Choose real foods
  • 5 a day 
  • Brown is best 
  • Some low- fat dairy foods
  • Protein Power
  • Less is More 
  • NOT too MUCH and NOT too OFTEN 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Breakfast is a Big Deal 
  • Cooking methods 
  • Variety is the spice of life 
  • Serving Sizes