Role of An Runaí – The Club Secretary

The Secretary is the chief administrator in the Club. The duties are many and varied and call for a high degree of dedication. The Secretary has more to do with the practical running of the Club than any other officer. He/she should be a good organiser, be methodical and above all, be reliable. The duties dovetail with those of the Chairman and it is essential that both officers work as a team of which the Secretary will very often be the more active person.

The main duties of the Club Secretary are summarised as follows:

  • Communication: - With Club members and officers, with the County Secretary and County Committee
  • Meetings - Preparation for and follow up on assigned tasks, accurate recording of meeting minutes
  • Administration:

(1) Correspondence and keeping records

(2) Membership and registration

(3) Team affiliation

(4) Club Insurance

(5) Club property

(6) Working with County/Divisional Committee/Board

  • Club Planning - Assisting in developing a Club plan

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