Eileen Malone

Eileen Malone recalls her earliest memory of the GAA. She talks about the Faughs GAA club, and recalls some of the significant figures in GAA history that her father knew. She recalls the family shop and pub, and recounts All-Ireland weekends when relations from Kilkenny would stay in their house. Eileen speaks about her mother's involvement in the GAA, and discusses the attitude to the involvement of women in the GAA when she was growing up. She discusses her father's commitment to the GAA, particularly the Faughs club. She also talks about his political affiliations. Eileen discusses changes that she has seen in the GAA, such as television coverage, the removal of The Ban and the opening of Croke Park to other sports. She also discusses the issue of pay for play. She talks about the issue of identity and how the GAA fits in with her own identity. Eileen concludes by explaining what the GAA means to her.

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