St Mary's Convoy, Donegal Healthy Club

St Mary's Convoy, Donegal Healthy Club

Smoke-Free GAA Clubs

The GAA are now encouraging all clubs to become smoke- free which means no smoking on the entire club grounds. The GAA is the heart beat of every community in Ireland and we believe that this type of initiative will not only raise awareness but also protect people from smoke, reduce smoking initiation rates among young people and increase the amount of people seeking help to quit.

The government have announced that Ireland will be completely smoke- free by 2025 and we want GAA clubs to become leaders in this space by setting a positive example for all our members. Many of our leading “Healthy Clubs” across Ireland have adopted this policy including St John’s Volunteers GAA Club in Wexford, Parteen GAA Club in Clare and St Mary’s GAA club in Convoy, Donegal, just to name a few. These exemplar clubs have received considerable media coverage and health sector praise.

What are the benefits for your club?

By going smoke free your club is helping to create an awareness about GAA clubs being hubs for healthy living

  • Setting a positive example
    This is a first in the GAA and there are only a handful of clubs in Ireland who have gone completely smoke free. Why not join the movement.
  • Potential coverage in local media - clubs such as St Mary’s in Convoy (Donegal) got considerable coverage in both local media and national media. We would recommend that clubs have a launch to announce the tobacco- free initiative and invite media along.
  • Reduce the impact of tobacco & second hand smoke (SHS) on sports performance
  • Protecting children and young people from tobacco
  • Cleaner and safer GAA club grounds

Get involved

The GAA have developed a step by step plan for interested clubs (see below). Take the first step and approach your Club Executive with the GAA smoke-free power point presentation (see below).

  • Appoint a coordinator/ team who will drive the smoke- free initiative locally. Their main role will involve: 
  • Approaching the Club Executive about adopting the GAA Tobacco- free Policy (presentation guide and policy available)
  • Working with the club PRO to communicate the Tobacco- free Policy to the membership 
  • Organising a Tobacco- free local launch in the club to raise awareness 
  • Link in with the local smoking cessation officer in your area and signpost to their resources 
  • Ensuring smoke free signage is secured and erected in the club grounds 

The GAA Tobacco free initiative is supported by Irish Life, Healthy Ireland and the Public Health Agency (PHA).