Social Gaelic Games

Social Gaelic Games provide a sporting outlet for individuals who wish to explore or reignite their love of Gaelic Games. The aim is to; 

  • Offer a fun, healthy, social outlet for recently retired, lapsed or new entrants to our games
  • Connect or re-connect people with their local GAA club, their community, and the inimitable fun of playing a game you love with some friends
  • Ensure as many people as possible experience the health and wellbeing benefits of being part of the Social Gaelic Games’ movement

Social Gaelic Games also aim to provide a pathway for players from youth to adult through a more non-competitive, less structured form of activities, with a focus on fun, participation and lifelong engagement with Gaelic Games. Social Games should help to retain members regularly lost during transition periods of their lives and hopefully engage those that may not have had the opportunity, time, or inclination to play in our more competitive structures.

The games offer opportunities for play across all ages, genders and all codes. Fun, fair play and participation underpin all Social Games activities

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