Steps to Becoming a Healthy Club

Steps to Becoming a Healthy Club
Steps to Becoming a Healthy Club

There is a seven step process undertaken to become an accredited Healthy Club:

  1. Appoint Healthy Club Officer and Team
  2. Receive Healthy Club Training
  3. Club Mapping
  4. Community Consultation
  5. Develop and Activate Action Plan
  6. Host Local Launch
  7. Report and Reflect

The 7 step process is based on best practice and has been refined following feedback from participating clubs in the pilot stages of the Healthy Club project (HCP). The process covers an 18-month period and based on clubs experience, recommends the ideal time points for each step. By following these steps a club will be best positioned to ensure the work they undertake is:

  • Recognised at a national level
  • Responding to identified need within the club/community
  • Supported by the Club, Community and appropriate partners
  • Sustainable and well-planned
  • Achieving real impact (can be measured-useful when seeking funding)
  • Positively impacting on club members and the community
  • Reflecting best practice

The consensus from pilot clubs is to focus on these “small steps that can achieve lasting impact”

Each step is described in more detail during Healthy Club Officer Training which is available in each county through the GAA County Health and Wellbeing Committee. To avail of this please contact the Chairperson of the Committee - Insert your county name, for example to get further information on the training click HERE.

Upon receiving the training, the Healthy Club Officer will receive a Healthy Club Manual which they can use as a further support tool to guide them and the Healthy Club Team on fulfilling their role.