Daryl Flynn pictured ahead of the AIB Leinster Club SFC Final.

Daryl Flynn pictured ahead of the AIB Leinster Club SFC Final.

Flynn wants Moorefield to reclaim Leinster title

By Cian O'Connell

Moorefield have collected eight Kildare SFC titles since 2000, but only one Leinster crown has followed.

That thrilling 2006 adventure remains a source of pride, but returning to the summit of the eastern club game is a burning ambition.

Daryl Flynn was an emerging talent back then and has noticed the difference during the past couple of weeks. "We were a lot younger back then," Flynn says. 

"We probably enjoyed the build-up more, but, now we've more experience. We know the focus has to be totally on the game. 

"We've a lot of young lads there aswell. It'll be their first Leinster final, so it could be a tough one for them."

Valuable lessons have been learned by the established Moorefield players in the last decade. "It's 11 years since we won the first one," Flynn states. "As young lads, we were thinking, this is probably going to happen every year. 

"That's just football and we got to the semi-final the following year. We probably took it for granted, and then we lost a few.

"Portlaoise bet us a few times as well. It just shows, if you don't have your eye on the ball, what it can do, but thankfully this year, them young lads kept their feet on the ground. They're really pushing the older experienced lads on and, it shows now that we're in a Leinster final."

A familiar figure, Luke Dempsey, is in charge of Sunday's opponents St Loman's, Mullingar. Dempsey enjoyed success with Moorefield. "It's an added bonus," Flynn admits about Dempsey's involvement.

"He won two Championships with us, and then three with Loman's so it's probably unheard of - a manager doing the five in a row, but he's probably going to know a good bit about us.

"There's a good core of lads that would have played under Luke aswell, so it just adds to the occasion."

The impact made by Jack O'Connor's sons, Cian and Eanna, has been hugely important according to Flynn. "The O'Connor boys have been great," Flynn admits. "They came in there in 2014 and they've gelled in well. Two class footballers, but two very good characters, as well.

"Cian is a bit of a messer around the camp and Eanna is just a super footballer. The two of them have brought a lot to it."

Can Moorefield close the deal against a solid St Loman's at O'Moore Park?