Members of Rapparees-Starlights GAA Club, Enniscorthy

In this interview the formation of the Rapparees-Starlights GAA club is discussed including a brief history of the four clubs involved in the amalgamation. There is also talk of the fundraising events that are used to fund the club as well as the role played by the club in the community. They then talk about the widespread use of the grounds because of its geographical location. The various functions and events that take place in the club and the organisation required is then discussed. The next discussion deals with the difference between rural and urban clubs followed by talks of the other club in the town and how their rivalry has grown. The diversity of sports available to young people and how this affects the GAA is looked at next. They tell of the administrative structures within the club and of the place within the club for Scor and other sports. They finish by talking with pride of the Wexford wins and the celebrations that followed.

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