Anthony Byrne

Anthony Byrne talks initially about his early days listening to GAA matches on the radio and playing in school. He goes on to reminisce about transporting numerous children to matches and how today things are very different. He talks about his local GAA heroes growing up. He talks about his role in the Castletown Liam Mellows club. He then talks about the facilities, equipment and social aspects of the club. He describes local rivalries before discussing the role of women in the club. He then talks about the GAA in the community. This is followed by a discussion of the volunteering aspect of the GAA and the involvement of the clergy in the club. He then talks about the pride he felt at the Wexford 1996 All-Ireland win. He goes on to describe GAA supporters and what involvement means to an individual. Then he talks about the Irish language in the GAA before talking about his favourite players and memories of the GAA. Finally he tells what the GAA means to him and discusses the importance of Croke Park and opening it up to foreign games.

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