WATCH: GAA President John Horan encourages GAA clubs to look after the most vulnerable in their communities John, we're in the midst of a pretty unprecedented national emergency, what can the GAA and its clubs and volunteers do to help in their community at this time?

GAA President, John Horan: We in the GAA are quite aware of the penetration of our organisation throughout Irish society. That penetration carries a responsibility for us as an organisation. And it's incumbent upon us to make decisions that benefit and support the actual operation of our country because this is a national emergency and that's why we made a very clear decision to shut everything down with no ambiguity across training and games until the 29th of March.

That was the right thing to do as for us as an organisation and I would encourage all our membership to adhere to all the guidelines being given to them by ourselves and by the health authorities to actually comply with them and I think with that it will help us all come through

this in time. Our games are important, but health and well-being is far more important than anything else. Would you be encouraging clubs maybe to look after the more vulnerable members in their community at times like this?

GAA President, John Horan: I'm delighted to see already that I can see from social media that some of our units throughout the country have actually taken this on board.

Just to cite Dunderry in Meath being one that I picked up on where they're actually engaging with the elderly within their community, getting their order, going to the local store and leaving it outside the house of the actual individuals so that those elderly people who I suppose within our society are probably more vulnerable than most are actually getting that support. And I suppose with games and everything shut down people will have time on their hands and why not put that time to good use by supporting those more vulnerable people within their community.

GAA President, John Horan. 
GAA President, John Horan. It's a fast-moving situation and we don't know what what's going to come next but there will always be a GAA and there will always be a time after this.

GAA President, John Horan: Well, absolutely, like, in time, we will come through this and we know that. It's just that if we do the right things at the moment I think we will come through it in a better position than if we start going off doing things that we feel we want to do what we shouldn't really be doing. So I think if everybody complies and gathers together in support of the actual drive that's there at the moment to overcome this epidemic that has hit our country I think we'll come out

of it all the better. And, look, at the end of the day we will get back to playing games it's just a matter of time and a matter of people being patient.