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GAA Club Planning Programme 


All GAA clubs should plan ahead for the future. The GAA Club Planning Programme provides clubs with a structured approach to developing a plan. The main part of the programme is the club planning workshop, where all of the clubs members are invited to attend a facilitated workshop to discuss all aspects of club activity.

This section of the 'Clubzone' provides an insight into the club planning programme and outlines the resources available, including the Club plan template. This template can be downloaded by a club and built on, using the feedback from the workshop, Focus Groups etc., to complete their document.

Each club that is doing a club plan will receive a 'club plan pack' that will have all resources in hard copy form. The first step is to contact your County Development Officer and he/she will get the process moving.

Note: All of the documents in the following 6 sections are provided for a club in hard copy in the ‘club planning pack’, which the County Development Officer forwards to the club.

Section 1: The Club Planning Process

This section outlines the process of completing a club plan, laid out in ten steps. A roadmap is provided outlining the timelines involved. It also sets out the structure of the Club Plan Steering Committee and the Focus Groups in the club.

Section 2: Data Gathering

This section contains the Club Activity Checklist, which contains a series of questions on all aspects of club activity. This checklist can be used by the club to give a picture of ‘where the club is at’. A data gathering sheet is also included to record the number of teams in the club, the number of registered players etc.

Section 3: Club Plan Template

This document gives an outline of a club plan. It includes actions from the national GAA strategy that should be included in the Club plan. This is also available on the GAA website (clubzone) for download. The Club should use this template and build on it to form the club plan.

Section 4: Club Planning Workshop

This section contains the slides of the presentation that the Facilitator will deliver on the night of the Club Planning Workshop. This is the most important part of the overall programme and a guideline on holding this workshop is contained in section 5 below.

Section 5: Guidelines

This section contains guidelines on setting up the Club Plan Steering Committee and Focus Groups, running the Club Planning Workshop and launching the plan.

Section 6: Focus Group Guidelines

This section contains guidelines for each of the Focus Groups that work on developing each activity area. All include the actions from the club template specific to the each area. The Focus Groups can use these documents to build on the particular topic that they are working on. These are based on each of the activity areas in the club plan template.

Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers are the life and soul of every GAA Club. The GAA is unrivalled in terms of the number of volunteers that provide endless hours of service to the Association’s many GAA Clubs.

Throughout the world, GAA volunteers undertake the administration of clubs, coaching of teams, washing of jerseys, the lining of playing pitches, the transportation of players to and from games, the organisation of fundraising initiatives in addition to performing a host of other specialised tasks. Without volunteers, clubs and the GAA cannot function.

The GAA has developed a 'volunteer toolkit' to help clubs in attracting new volunteers and retaining current ones. It contains advice on all aspects of volunteering in the club as well case studies from clubs around the country on various initiatives they have undertaken to help them increase the number of people volunteering in the club.

See the downloads section on this page for more information.

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