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School Run 1km a Day Inititaive - Community Development Case Study

Rural/Urban: Urban
Codes: Football Ladies Football, Hurling and Camogie
Membership: 719

Case Study: Run 1km a Day at school


In 2013 a group of members from Craobh Chiarain CLG initiated the Donnycarney Together Committee, a cross-community group aimed at improving collaboration across existing clubs, schools and voluntary organisations in Donnycarney. This group was formed in partnership with Donnycarney & Beaumont Credit Union, Donnycarney Youth & Community Centre (Le Chéile), Donnycarney Football Club, Our Lady of Consolation G.N.S. and Scoil Chiaráin B.N.S and subsequently, other community groups were invited. This development has become fully established in the community and has led to cross-promotion of events and opportunities to ensure maximum participation and benefit for all groups.

Sharing knowledge and resources to overcome common challenges is central to the group’s aim. The club is located next to Scoil Chiaráin B.N.S and through this committee the principal and Craobh Chiarain Chairperson decided to start the School 1Km day initiative to enhance the children’s physical, mental and emotional health & wellbeing. It involves the school teachers taking the students out daily where they run a kilometre (using the club’s facilities) regardless of the weather.


Within the club:

  • Club Chairperson
  • The Healthy Club project team
  • Parents

Outside the club:

  • Donnycarney Together Committee
  • Scoil Chiaráin B.N.S (the school is located next to the club)
  • Parents of school children (not all involved with the club)
  • Dublin GAA Health & Wellbeing Committee


  • Initial meeting between both partners school principal & club chairperson
  • Both committees -school teachers & Club Executive were brought on board
  • Plan put in place to ensure the school had access to the club’s pitch every morning
  • 1km lap mapped out
  • Insurance and risk assessments carried out at both the school & club side

After all the initial planning was put in place the initiative began. Every morning at 8.30am the teachers take the students across to the club’s astro pitch before school starts to get 20 – 30 minutes exercise.

The Club

The initiative has been very successful with positive reports from both the school and the club. The teachers have commented on the improvements in the children’s fitness levels, confidence, alertness and ability to form relationships. The initiative is totally inclusive and it has enhanced some of the student’s interest in sport and athletics, who weren’t interested in GAA or team sports.

"I like going out in the mornings and running about with everyone rather than playing football”.

It has also enhanced classroom spirit and contributed towards increased classroom focus and learning.

Due to these benefits the School 1km/day initiative continues and to introduce the competitive and fun element the school decided to run the equivalent of a marathon using the club’s facilities. This was a huge hit with the children as each class recorded their progress on a chart.

The initiative also enhanced the club and school/community relationship. The parents were delighted with the reports from their children and it helped to shine a positive light on the club which is strongly seen as a community organisation rather than just a sporting organisation. The Club and school continue to support each other on various health campaigns through the Donnycarney Together group.

"The Healthy Club Project has been a huge benefit to both the school and the wider Donnycarney community. It has brought about a greater awareness of being healthy in all aspects, from physical to mental to lifestyle and this has started from the very early ages in the nursery, right up through our primary schools and spread into our secondary schools, right up until adult hood".

Ciara Harte, Principal Scoil Chiaráin CBS, Donneycarney in Dublin.