Clare goalkeeper Patrick Kelly.

Clare goalkeeper Patrick Kelly.

Patrick Kelly: 'It is important Hawk Eye should be in use'

*By Cian O'Connell *

Clare goalkeeper Patrick Kelly is delighted that Hawk-Eye is going to be used in Semple Stadium soon.

Croke Park was the only venue with the system, but the fact that it will be used soon in Thurles is a positive development according to the highly rated Clare custodian.

"Funny enough you mention Hawk-Eye, we were talking about it on the way back on the bus," Kelly said about Sunday's Allianz Hurling League semi-final against Kilkenny. 

"I think (Darach) Honan made out he got a point and he was looking for Hawk-Eye, putting the finger up. It's Sunday week is it? I think it's a good thing it can be used. I think TJ (Reid) was given a point the last day. Do you remember, the umpires said it was a point and it was actually wide. It's the fine margins."

Kelly recalled the 2015 Munster Hurling Championship defeat against Limerick.  "I remember we played Limerick last year and Shane Dowling admitted that the ball was wide.

"If Hawk-Eye was fairness to the umpires, the ball is travelling that fast so there's a bit of pressure there, but I think it's important that Hawk-Eye should be in use."