The Club Leadership Development Programme (CLDP) provides learning opportunities to new and existing Club Officers in the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association Clubs.
The Club Leadership Development Programme (CLDP) provides learning opportunities to new and existing Club Officers in the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association Clubs.

Over 1,000 new GAA, LGFA and Camogie club officers receive induction training 

Over 1,000 Club Officers recently elected to new roles on their Club Executive Committees took part in role-specific webinars this week to learn more about their roles and responsibilities.

A total of 16 separate webinars were delivered via the Microsoft Teams platform on a provincial basis by a team of voluntary Associates who undergo annual training for the role and contribute to the design of the content.

The training was delivered through the Club Leadership Development Programme which the GAA launched in 2016 to provide greater opportunities for Club Officers to develop the key knowledge and skills to fulfil their roles confidently and competently. It was adapted for LGFA and Camogie Clubs in 2018 following an extensive engagement process to do from all Gaelic Games organisations.

From the 1,056 attendees, 23% were Chairpersons, 33% Secretaries, 22% PROs and 22% Treasurers. There was a good mix between representatives from One Clubs, GAA, LGFA and Camogie Clubs.

The training is coordinated by the GAA’s National Officer Development Committee chaired by Paddy Flood and officer development staff in Croke Park, Eoghan Tuohey and Ruairí Harvey. Eoghan who is managing the operational rollout of the programme explained how planning began six-months ago:

“The adaptation to online-only education has been a steep learning curve for everyone – organisers included. We began by linking in with members of the GAA’s IT Committee to deliver Microsoft Teams and Forms training. This was followed up by AGM webinars provided by members of the Rules Advisory Committee. The positive response and huge interest in these events paved the way for the Club Officer workshops that were held this week.

I think that the enthusiasm and vigour with which this weeks’ Club Officer Training rollout has been met highlights the dedication of club volunteers across the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association. It’s very rewarding to see the large attendances and willingness to upskill, as clubs everywhere do what they can in these challenging times to prepare for the coming year.

It’s important to point out that there’s plenty more opportunities for Club Officers to continue to add to their arsenal – I would urge all Officers to log onto the Club Leadership Development Programme calendar and register for upcoming events in January and February.”

County Development Officers, the Provincial Councils and the various departments in Croke Park also play central roles in the promotion, organisation and delivery of the training.

The next phase of training for both new and existing Officers starts next week with training on Microsoft 365, Outlook and Teams. Throughout the remainder of January and February, training will be provided on the following topics:

  • Recruiting, Retaining & Engaging Volunteers
  • Essential Training for Data Protection
  • An Ghaeilge sa Chlub
  • Essential Communication Skills for Club Officers
  • Creating a Safe Club
  • Upholding Disciplinary Rules & Procedures

Twenty-one more webinars in total are scheduled.

Register today for the upcoming events of interest: