The results of the 2020 GAA Club Fundraising Survey.
The results of the 2020 GAA Club Fundraising Survey.

GAA clubs fundraise over €5M for charitable causes in 2020

A survey has revealed that GAA clubs fundraised almost €5,301,895 for charitable causes during 2020 as members across the Association’s responded to calls to support impacted services during the pandemic.

The survey, conducted by the GAA’s Community and Health department, was issued to all 2,000 clubs across Ireland and abroad. 834 GAA clubs responded, with 457 or 55% reporting total monies raised of €4,754,450 and £475,473 during 2020. In rolling out the fundraising activities, clubs recorded that 83,681 individuals supported these events.

While fundraising events were hosted throughout the year, they peaked in the month of May during the first lockdown of the pandemic. Clubs indicated the following causes as the most common to benefit from their efforts:

·        health sector (local hospitals, medical research etc.) – 164 fundraising events

·        mental health charities/ campaigns - 162 fundraising events

·        social services (families, homeless, youth, ethnic minorities etc.) – 105 fundraising events

·        sports and recreation – 101 fundraising events

·        campaign to support a local individual/family cause – 96 fundraising events

·        Others reported (131 initiatives) included local community development, religious and environment and sustainability initiatives.

A total of 462 activities took place between May and August of 2020. A further increase in fundraising activities was noted in December with 107 initiatives reported to have been ran by clubs during this month.

Of the initiatives that were reported 63% of clubs indicated that their fundraising efforts were used to support local charities and campaigns only. 27% of clubs supported a mix of local and national charities and campaigns with 9% of clubs supporting national campaigns only. 

While 67% clubs reported some expected challenges in fundraising during the pandemic (not being able to gather in groups, travel restrictions, etc.) 73% of clubs noted that there were benefits to running fundraising initiatives during the restrictions including: increased community involvement; individuals taking part in their own time; the use of online platforms.