Páirc an Chrócaigh
Páirc an Chrócaigh

CHC Press Release

Hearing 1 of 1: Ron an McCarthy

Defending Party: Ronan McCarthy| Corcaigh

Competition: N/A

Fixture: N/A

Venue: N/A

Dáta: 02.01.2021

An Coiste Bainistíochta took Disciplinary Action against Ronan McCarthy, alleging a breach of Riail 7.2 (e) T.O. 2020 – “Misconduct Considered to have Discredited the Association”.

Ronan McCarthy requested a Hearing which took place on 18.02.2021. An Lár Choiste Éisteachta (Central Hearings Committee) found the Infraction – “Misconduct Considered to have Discredited the Association” proven and imposed the following penalty:

12 weeks suspension from 18ú Feabhra 2021

Ronan McCarthy has the option of appealing against the decision of An Lár Choiste Éisteachta to the An Lár Choiste Achomhairc.

Disciplinary Process Explained


1.      Disciplinary Action is commenced by the Competitions Control Committee/An Coiste Bainistíochta

2.      The Competitions Control Committee/An Coiste Bainistíochta prepares a charge and notifies the Defending Party of the alleged infraction. (It also offers him the option of accepting a proposed penalty, without a Hearing).

_ Hearing (Hearings Committee)_

3.      The Defending Party can request a Hearing rather than accept the charge (and the proposed penalty).

4.      The Hearings Committee (decision makers) decide whether the alleged infraction is proven. If it is proven, they impose a penalty.

Appeal (Appeals Committee)

5.      If the Defending Party is not willing to accept the decision of the Hearings Committee and any penalty imposed, then he can appeal to the Appeals Committee.

6.      The Appeal is heard by the Appeals Committee. The Appeal can only be successful where there has been a clear infringement or misapplication of Rule by the Hearings Committee or the Appellants right to a fair hearing has otherwise been compromised to such extent that a clear injustice has occurred. All avenues of appeal are now exhausted.

Arbitration (Disputes Resolution Authority)

7.      If the Defending Party is still not willing to accept the imposed penalty, a request for Arbitration may be lodged with the DRA (Disputes Resolution Authority), an external Independent Body whose decisions are legally binding.