Gaelic games have been held in Asia from 1996 and in 2006 the Asian County Board (ACB) was created to help organize and grow Gaelic Games. The first games (Asian Gaelic Games – AGG) was hosted in Manila and since then the AGGs have been held all around the Asian Continent from Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Seoul and Hong Kong to name a few. From 4 clubs in 1996, we now have 23 active clubs that are involved in men’s and women’s football, hurling, camogie, and youth teams. The ACB is especially proud of the expansion of youth Gaelic games and in 2016 created the first Asian Youth Championship and as of 2023 we have nearly 10 clubs actively involved in youth Gaelic games.

The ACB is in charge of organizing and supporting the official competitions through Asia and at present there are five official competitions.  The highpoint for many clubs is the Asian Gaelic Games and these are usually held over a weekend where there are close to 800 plus people attending the games in search of success at Senior, Intermediate and Junior levels in football as well as hurling and Camogie.

Founded: Asian Gaelic Games (1996) / Asian County Board (2006)

Clubs: 23


Major Competitions: Official ACB games: Hurling and Camogie Championships, South Asian Gaelic Games, North Asian Gaelic Games, Asian Youth Championships, Asian Gaelic Games.

Non-Official Events: Korean League/Cup, China League/Cup, Tom Cuyle Invitational, Kevin Gregory Memorial Cup, Alan Power Memorial Games, Shenanigans Cup

Unit Executive

Chairperson - John Alan O`Sullivan -

Secretary - Jodi Meenan -

PRO - Cian Hulm -


Bangkok Thai's GAA

Beijing GAA

Canton Celts

Daegu Fianna

Dalian Wolfhounds

Hong Kong GAA

India Wolfhounds

Jakarta Dragonflies

Japan GAA

Myanmar Celts

Orang Eire Malaysia

Saigon Gaels

Seoul Gaels - Asia

Shanghai GAA

Shenzen Celts GAA

Singapore Gaelic Lions

Suzhou Eire Og Gaelic Football Club

Taiwan Celts

Viet Celts GAA