Galway manager Henry Shefflin.
Galway manager Henry Shefflin.

Shefflin: 'They are true champions, we really went at them'

By Cian O'Connell

Galway manager Henry Shefflin acknowledged Limerick as 'true champions' following a gripping All Ireland SHC semi-final at Croke Park.

Limerick eventually shrugged off Galway's spirited resistance in the closing stages to eke out a 0-27 to 1-21 win.

In the opening period Galway only registered 0-12 from 27 scoring chances. Galway did nudge in front early in the second half, but just couldn't generate sufficient momentum according to Sheflin.

"We couldn't seem to get that bit of momentum to get two or three points," Shefflin said after the game.

"When we got the goal maybe we went a couple of points ahead, but we never got that bit of a gap there.

"Our shooting efficiency levels let us down, we knew we would have to have a lot of shots from mid range. We knew that was going to be the case.

"Obviously you hope some of them go over. Then I think we coughed up a few silly points in the first half. All of those things come back to bite you a little bit."

Limerick substitute David Reidy was influential with Shefflin highlighting the depth of the Treaty panel.

"To be fair to Limerick they are true champions, we really went at them," he added.

"It was only that last phase - their bench made a bit of an impact, they pulled away a little bit.

"The shooting, and I haven't looked at the numbers yet because numbers don't matter when it is all over. I am sure the shooting efficiency will be low."

Despite suffering a harrowing defeat Shefflin was proud of Galway's gritty display.

"We speak a lot about - especially coming up against such hot favourites - about getting a performance," Shefflin reflected.

"I would have spoken about that myself. That is what was needed. Then you get the performance and you don't get the result. Sport is cruel and you feel the same gutted nature. It is very disappointing.

"You give it absolutely everything. Then it is just all over and you come up a bit short. There were a lot of what ifs and buts.

"From a management point of view and from a group point of view we said we wanted to do ourselves proud on the field today. I think we achieved that."