Leinster rivals Westmeath and Laois will meet in Round 1 of the Tailteann Cup.
Leinster rivals Westmeath and Laois will meet in Round 1 of the Tailteann Cup. 

Larry McCarthy hopes Tailteann Cup takes off 'like a meteorite'

GAA President, Larry McCarthy, is confident the inaugural Tailteann Cup will be a great competition.

Speaking after today's draw for the Preliminary and Round 1 matches of the competition which took place on RTE Radio 1's Morning Ireland show, he predicted the Tailteann Cup will capture the imagination of both the competing teams as well as their supporters.

"I hope it takes off like a meteorite, is a great competition and that some county grabs it and marches through the summer and has a wonderful occasion in Croke Park where we play the semi-finals and finals," said McCarthy.

"The teams are divided into Northern and Southern Sections to enhance local rivalries and also avoiding travel costs, not only for teams, but for spectators as well. We want to accommodate as many people as possible to be able to attend the games. 

"It's the local rivalries that are going to be manifested in this. And also like the League which is always a considered to be a very good competition, the level of play is going to be at the same level for all the teams so I've no doubt it will take off.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for the teams involved and their supporters to have great days out in Croke Park."

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