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Drumalee GFC in Cavan staged a successful fundraising event for Pieta House.
Drumalee GFC in Cavan staged a successful fundraising event for Pieta House.

Drumalee delighted with successful community effort

By Cian O’Connell

It has been a rewarding and encouraging stint for Drumalee GFC, who have raised more than 11,000 euro for Pieta House.

The proud club situated on the edge of Cavan town grafted last weekend with a 24 hour run and walk for the charity.

Dara Donohoe, captain of Drumalee’s junior team, spearheaded the project which strengthened the connection between club and community.

Drumalee PRO Eilis McCabe is delighted with the success. “This money was only raised in a few days, five or six grand came in on Saturday alone,” McCabe explains.

“Hope in the hearts is what it is about. We were so delighted on Sunday with how much money was raised, and even in the last couple of days another 500 euro has come in.

“The success of a club isn't always on the pitch, this has been a real community effort. We are just really proud of the collective club and community effort really. The club captain Dara Donohoe organised it and it went from there.”

Pieta House’s critical work meant Drumalee were keen to offer financial support. “Obviously Pieta House is a very worthy charity, we did it the weekend after the Darkness Into Light where a lot of clubs in Cavan raised a lot of money,” McCabe says.

“Locally there has been a few tragedies within the town. We are based on the edge of the town, we are down in the junior ranks at the moment, but it is a story as much off the pitch as well as on the pitch.”

The adult players in Drumalee occupied a central role in the event according to McCabe. “Everybody registered their time with the committee, we had five organisers, who had a spreadsheet,” she adds.

Drumalee GFC raised more than 11,00euro for Pieta House.
Drumalee GFC raised more than 11,00euro for Pieta House.

“There was a bit of trust, there was a starting point with a car park, some people started there, but most people just did their own thing.

“We followed the government guidelines and all we did was make sure that the 24 hours were covered. A lot of the players drove the fundraiser, it was our senior club captain Dara Donohoe, who organised it.

The players basically ran through the night, it was their baby. A handful of them really drove it. It was an hour slot.

“I did it with my kids, we walked 6k. We wanted the walk too so that everybody would be involved. It was about bringing in the community, Pieta House is a popular charity so people will get in behind it.

“What blew me away, and the Chairperson and organisers is how the community came together.”

Former Drumalee players dotted throughout the world also contributed to the cause, running or walking elsewhere.

“It is about the GAA family, I've always loved my GAA, I'm from Dublin originally, but living in Cavan you really realise that in the country the GAA is the heartbeat,” McCabe remarks.

“We had people from the UK, somebody walking in Australia, somebody walking in Mexico, we had them in Dublin, Galway, and Belfast. It brought all the old crew, people who had moved away. Anybody who was ever involved in the club did a bit.

“The more we shared it the more money came in. It worked out well just because people could do their own routes, to adhere to social distancing. It was about the club sending out the message that the GAA club is there for everyone in the community.”

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