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Bank of Ireland Celtic Challenge - Best & Fairest Award

Aside from a packed schedule of matches, the Bank of Ireland Celtic Challenge also features a number of new initiatives on trial for the first time Gaelic games, including the 'Best & Fairest Award'. 

The 'Best & Fairest Award' is an alternative approach to the traditional 'Man of the Match' awards. The concept is age-appropriate and is underpinned by the GAA Values of Respect and Teamwork.

After every match the Referee will consult with his Match Officials and chose one player from each team to receive the 'Best & Fairest Award' on the basis that they:

  • Displayed a high level of skill and endeavour;
  • Displayed respect towards Match Officials;
  • Displayed respect towards fellow players;
  • Displayed respect toward the Playing Rules. 

Below is the list of players who have received the 'Best & Fairest Award' to date. At the end of the Bank of Ireland Celtic Challenge one of the listed players will be selected at random and receive two tickets for the All Ireland Senior Hurling Final.

Division 1 - Corn Michael Hogan

Best & Fairest Player
Jason Hegarty East Cork (v Galway McDonagh) 10.06.17
TJ Brennan Galway McDonagh (v East Cork) 10.06.17
Liam Coleman  Wexford Purple (v Kilkenny Black) 10.06.17 
Conor Lee  Galway McDonagh (v Galway Maroon) 17.06.17 
John Fleming Galway Maroon (v Galway McDonagh) 17.06.17 
Enda Egan Galway Maroon (v South Tipperary) 24.06.17 
Eoghan Connolly Tipperary South (v Galway Maroon) 24.06.17 

Division 2 - Corn John Scott 

Best & Fairest Player
Conor Grace North Tipperary (v North Clare) 10.06.17
 Aaron Crawford Antrim (v Kildare Lily Whites) 10.06.17 
Seán Elliott Antrim (v North Cork) 24.06.17 
Jamie Copps North Cork (v Antrim) 24.06.17 

Division 3 - Corn William Robinson  

Best & Fairest Player
Ronan Costello Down (v Dublin Plunkett) 24.06.17
Cian McHugh Dublin Plunkett (v Down) 24.06.17

Division 4 - Corn Jerome O'Leary

Best & Fairest Player
Tadhg Kelly Wexford Gold (v Laois) 10.06.17 
Liam Twomey Kerry (v Limerick South/East) 10.06.17
Kevin Cosgrave Wexford Gold (v Carlow) 19.06.17 
Kevin Curran Carlow (v Limerick South/East) 24.06.17 
Mikey Duggan Limerick South/East (v Carlow) 24.06.17 

Division 5 - Corn Michael Feery

Best & Fairest Player
Stephen McKearney Armagh (v Roscommon) 24.06.17
James Cunniffe Roscommon (v Armagh) 24.06.17


Division 6 - Corn Tom Hogan 

Best & Fairest Player
Cian Ffrench Leitrim (v Fermanagh) 16.06.17


Group A

Best & Fairest Player
Brian Duignan Offaly (v Laois) 03.05.17
Jason Alley Laois (v Offaly) 03.05.17
Aaron Moloney Clare North (v Tipperary North) 03.05.17
Gearóid Ó'Connor Tipperary North (v Clare North) 03.05.17
Conor Molloy  Galway McDonagh (v Galway Maroon) 03.05.17 
Conor Walsh Galway Maroon (v Galway McDonagh) 03.05.17 
Thomas Barry Clare North (v Galway Maroon) 10.05.17
Niall Coen Galway Maroon (v Clare North) 10.05.17
Gearóid O'Connor Tipperary North (v Offaly) 10.05.17
Mark Kennedy Galway McDonagh (v Clare North) 17.05.17
Darren O'Brien Clare North (v Galway McDonagh) 17.05.17
Rhys Shelly Tipperary North (v Laois) 17.05.17
Cormac Rigney Laois (v Galway Maroon) 27.05.17 
Niall Coen  Galway Maroon (v Laois) 27.05.17 
Daragh Conneely  Galway McDonagh (v Tipperary North) 27.05.17 
Shane Doyle  Tipperary North (v Galway McDonagh) 27.05.17
John Fleming  Galway Maroon (v North Tipperary) 31.05.17 
Kevin McCarthy  North Tipperary (v Galway Maroon) 31.05.17 

Group B

Best & Fairest Player Team
Darragh Lohan Clare South/East (v Limerick City) 03.05.17
Louis Dee Limerick City (v Clare South/East) 03.05.17
Gavin Dooley  Kerry (v North Cork) 03.05.17
Ronan Sheehan North Cork (v Clare South/East) 10.05.17
Darragh Lohan Clare South/East (v North Cork) 10.05.17
Seán Holden Kerry (v West Limerick) 10.05.17
Jack Kenny West Limerick (v Kerry) 10.05.17
Liam Twomey Kerry (v West Cork) 17.05.17
Eoin Carey North Cork (v Limerick City) 17.05.17
Adam Butler Limerick City (v North Cork) 17.05.17
Daragh Whelan  Clare South/East (v West Cork) 27.05.17 
Brian O'Donovan  West Cork (v Clare South/East) 27.05.17
Lewis Dee  Limerick City (v West Limerick) 31.05.17 
Mark McCarthy  West Limerick (v Limerick City) 31.05.17  

Group C

Best & Fairest Player Team
Ian Blackburne  Kildare Lily Whites (v Kilkenny Black) 03.05.17 
Jacques Dalton Dublin Plunkett (v Westmeath) 10.05.17
Brian Tobin  Kildare Lily Whites (v Dublin Plunkett) 17.05.17 
Jack Cuthbert  Kildare Lily Whites (v Wicklow) 27.05.17 

Group D

Best & Fairest Player Team
Jack Nobbs Wexford Gold (v Meath Royals) 03.05.17 
Trevor Healy  Meath Royals (v Wexford Gold) 03.05.17 
Cillian Gahan  Wexford Purple (v Carlow) 03.05.17 
Kevin Curran  Carlow (v Wexford Purple) 03.05.17 
Seán Manogue Kilkenny Amber (v Dublin Clarke) 03.05.17 
Shane Lawlor Dublin Clarke (v Kilkenny Amber) 03.05.17 
Ben O'Connor Wexford Gold (v Wexford Purple) 10.05.17
Liam Coleman  Wexford Purple (v Wexford Gold) 10.05.17 
Eoin Kavanagh  Carlow (v Kilkenny Amber) 10.05.17 
Aaron O'Flaherty Meath Royals (v Dublin Clarke) 10.05.17 
Nathan Byrne Wexford Gold (v Kilkenny Amber) 17.05.17
Cathal Doyle  Wexford Purple (v Meath Royals) 17.05.17 
Eoin Hosey  Carlow (v Dublin Clarke) 17.05.17
Paul Briody  Meath Royals (v Wexford Purple) 23.05.17 
Niall Parker  Wexford Gold (v Carlow) 27.05.17 
Seán O'Connor  Wexford Purple (v Dublin Clarke) 27.05.17 
Dan Sheehan  Carlow (v Wexford Gold) 27.05.17
Kevin Coffey Meath Royals (v Kilkenny Amber) 27.05.17 
Colm Malone  Carlow (v Meath Royals) 31.05.17 
Daithí McGowan Meath Royals (v Carlow) 31.05.17 
John Murphy Wexford Gold (v Dublin Clarke) 31.05.17 
Ben Stafford Wexford Purple (v Kilkenny Amber) 01.05.17 

Group E

Best & Fairest Player Team
Conleigh Ryan East Cork (v Cork City) 03.05.17 
Neil O'Sullivan East Waterford (v West Waterford) 10.05.17
Reece Stringer West Waterford (v East Waterford) 10.05.17
Shane O'Regan East Cork (Limerick South/East) 10.05.17 
Conor Ryan East Waterford (v South/East Limerick) 17.05.17
Reece Stringer West Waterford (v Cork City) 17.05.17
Killian Murphy  East Cork (v South Tipperary) 17.05.17 
Jack Troy East Waterford (v Cork City) 27.05.17
Liam O'Brien West Waterford (v East Cork) 27.05.17
Daragh Moran East Cork (v West Waterford) 27.05.17 
Calum Sheahan  Limerick South/East (v Cork City) 31.05.17 
Aaron Higgins Cork City (v Limerick South/East) 31.05.17 
Alan Kirwan  East Waterford (v East Cork) 31.05.17 
Killian Murphy  East Cork (v East Waterford) 31.05.17 

Group F

Best & Fairest Player Team
Conor Leavy Meath Kings (v Longford) 03.05.17 
Aaron Hoare Leitrim (v Cavan) 03.05.17 
Conor Masterson Cavan (v Monaghan) 10.05.17
Ciarán Guinan Monaghan (v Cavan) 10.05.17
Ryan Walsh Louth (v Meath Kings) 10.05.17 
Conor Gorman Meath Kings (v Louth) 10.05.17
Marcus Feeney Leitrim (v Longford) 10.05.17
Jesse Holland Cavan (v Louth) 17.05.17 
Paul McEvoy Louth (v Cavan) 17.05.17
Cian Mallon Leitrim (v Meath Kings) 17.05.17
Tadhg McCann Meath Kings (v Leitrim) 17.05.17
Niall Bermingham Monaghan (v Longford) 17.05.17
Dermot Hussey Longford (v Monaghan) 17.05.17
Aaron Hoare  Leitrim (v Monaghan) 27.05.17 
Liam Phelan  Leitrim (v Louth) 31.05.16 

Group G

Best & Fairest Player Team
Liam Cassidy Mayo (v Donegal) 03.05.17
Aaron Craig Donegal (v Mayo) 03.05.17
Harry Dunne  Kildare Cadets (v Roscommon) 03.05.17 
Jack Lohan Roscommon (v Kildare Cadets) 03.05.17 
Niall Kilcullen Sligo (v Galway Tribesmen) 03.05.17 
Fionn McDonagh Galway Tribesmen (v Sligo) 03.05.17 
Cathal McGlynn Donegal (v Roscommon) 10.05.17
Cian Murray Roscommon (v Donegal) 10.05.17
Finian Bourke Mayo (v Galway Tribesmen) 10.05.17
Seán O'Brien Galway Tribesmen (v Mayo) 10.05.17
Darren Keane  Kildare Cadets (v Sligo) 10.05.17 
Kevin O'Kennedy  Sligo (v Kildare Cadets) 10.05.17 
Kevin Keleghan Kildare Cadets (v Galway Tribesmen) 17.05.17
Dylan Carroll Galway Tribesmen (v Kildare Cadets) 17.05.17
Cormac Finn Donegal (v Sligo) 17.05.17
Cahán Hallinan Sligo (v Donegal) 17.05.17
Jack Donnelly Roscommon (v Mayo) 17.05.17 
Paddy Lyons Mayo (v Roscommon) 17.05.17 
Kyle Dillon  Donegal (v Galway Tribesmen) 27.05.17 
Jack Keville  Galway Tribsemen (v Donegal) 27.05.17 
Shane White  Kildare Cadets (v Mayo) 27.05.17 
Darragh Fehilly  Mayo (v Kildare Cadets) 27.05.17 
Andrew Kilcullen  Sligo (v Roscommon) 27.05.17 
Roan Conneely  Sligo (v Mayo) 31.05.17 
John Heraty  Mayo (v Sligo) 31.05.17 

Group H

 Best & Fairest Player Team  
 Seán Elliot Antrim (v Derry) 19.03.17
 Pádraig O'Kane Derry (v Antrim) 19.03.17
 Ciarán Watson  Down (v Antrim) 19.03.17 
 Ronan Costello Down (v Derry) 26.03.17 
 Tom McGovern Derry (v Down) 26.03.17 
 Dominic McEnhill Antrim (v Down) 29.03.17
 Ronan Blair Down (v Antrim) 29.03.17 
 Luke Gribben Derry (v Antrim) 02.04.17 
 Antón McGrath Antrim (v Derry) 02.04.17 
 Eoin Cassidy Derry (v Down) 02.04.17
 Ronan Blair Down (v Derry) 02.04.17 
 Ciarán Deasy Armagh (v Tyrone)  11.04.17
 Fergal Donaghy Tyrone (v Armagh) 11.04.17 


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