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Peter Healion

Peter Healion

Healion hails committed Currams

By John Harrington

Kilcormac-Killoughey captain, Peter Healion, has paid tribute to the incredible determination of his team-mate, Dan Currams.

It looked like Currams’ season was over when he broke his leg in a challenge match before the Offaly County SHC semi-final against Belmont.

But instead he refused to accept that diagnosis and somehow got himself fit enough to play a vital role in the County Final against St. Rynagh’s when he came off the bench and scored three crucial points.

“We were sure he was gone and he was told he was gone,” said Healion. “He worked incredibly hard. People don't realise, the man was doing more sit-ups, chin-ups and working on a rowing machine with one leg trying to keep his cardio up.

“It was only the Friday before the county final we got word that he was going to be fit but he wasn't going to start.

“Then when he came on he set the place alight in fairness. Even the fact he came on and he showed lads, look lads I've done this in four weeks, I've gotten back from a broken bone to come on.

“He came on and he was like a man possessed. If you put Dan Currams in a situation where he's like that, no-one will stop him. But he's very dedicated to the cause.

“It was just a testament to the man he is. He's back now and he's flying fit again. He's back flat out training and he played well the last day. He's going well again which we'll need the next day.

“It's massive for the team. You can't replace the likes of Dan Currams. He can make something out of nothing. Lads do look up to him. If you need a score Dan is the man to get it.

“At one stage in the county final he pucked over a ball under the stand about 40 yards out over his shoulder. It was a ferocious strike against the wind and he put it straight over. It just settled the nerves against Rynagh's and helped get us over the line.”

Dan Currams in action for Kilcormac-Killoughey in the Offaly County SHC Final against St. Rynaghs just four weeks after he broke a bone in his leg.
Dan Currams in action for Kilcormac-Killoughey in the Offaly County SHC Final against St. Rynaghs just four weeks after he broke a bone in his leg.

Both Currams and Healion will be key men for Kilcormac-Killoughey when they play Carlow champions Mount Leinster Rangers in Sunday’s AIB Leinster SHC semi-final.

Healion is expecting a ferocious contest and thinks it’ll come down to whichever team is best suited to the physical slog of winter hurling.

“It's going to be a winter battle,” he said. “You can talk about what the two teams have and haven't, but unfortunately when it comes to winter hurling there's a lot of lads left behind. It's about the dog that wants it the most.

“It's a scenario of who works the hardest and who wins the dirty ball. It's not about who has the nicest, fanciest hurlers.

“You can have as many county stars as you want but unless it comes down to each man wanting it that's what it's going to come down to.”

Kilcormac-Killoughey should be well equipped in that regard. The 2012 Leinster champions are a very seasoned outfit and renowned for the defensive solidity and physicality.

“We're very lucky with the bunch of lads,” said Healion. “I'd say 12 of our starting 15 are over six foot. Especially at this time of year it gets to a more physical game. You'd like to think we're that bit more experienced, we do have a great defence - we've a great keeper and the six backs are a solid unit.

“This year I've moved into the forwards so I can't even include myself in that. We take our chances, chase every ball, take the right score and give the ball to the man in the right position.

“It's the basics of hurling and if you get them right you won't be far away on any given day.”

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