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Dublin footballer and Sure ambassador, Ciaran Kilkenny. 
Dublin footballer and Sure ambassador, Ciaran Kilkenny. 

Sure reveal the statistics behind the 2018 All Ireland Senior Championships

As the dust settles on the 2018 GAA Championship, Sure has delved into the stats behind the season to give GAA fans a greater insight and understanding of the components of success.

How did Dublin’s all-conquering footballers become the third ever county to win four All Ireland Football titles in a row? How did Limerick break a 45-year drought to lift the Liam MacCarthy cup for the eighth time?

Sure has compiled and analysed every pass, tackle and shot of both Dublin and Limerick’s Championship seasons, as well as those of Sure ambassador and Dublin footballer Ciaran Kilkenny, to shed light on the stats that powered their performances.

Josh Plimmer, Sure Brand Manager, Unilever UK and Ireland, said;

This is the third year of our partnership with the GAA which is really gathering momentum in terms of the back catalogue of stats we have available to us and the growing appetite of GAA fans to embrace stats as part of the experience whether they’re at home, in stadium or in conversation with their mates.

Our goal for the 2018 Championship was to expand the discussion around the games by making innovative statistical information more accessible for fans, and we hope that our real time and preview content has done just that.”

Dublin 2018 Statistical Analysis

  • Dublin’s average score in 2018 was 27.5 points per game. This is up from 25.7 points in 2017, and 20.9 points in 2016. That represents an increase of 6.6 points or 32% between 2016 and 2018
  • Dublin’s scoring average for 2018 is also* higher than any other season in the last 10 championships*, with the second highest average coming in 2014, when they scored 26.4 points per game
  • Dublin appear to have adopted a slightly more open game plan. Despite an increase in scoring, their average score conceded has increased to 15.4 points in 2018 from 13.2 points in 2017, and 14.6 points in 2016
  • Discipline has also been a notable improvement. Average frees conceded per game has decreased from 17 per game in 2017, to 13 in 2018.
  • Meanwhile, Dublin managed to avoid picking up a black card throughout the entire 2018 championship, compared with the two picked up in 2017
  • Also, the number of yellow cards received has dropped from 19 in 2017, to just 9 in 2018

Limerick 2018 Statistical Analysis:

  • Limerick’s average score per game has increased significantly in the 2018 championship, scoring 28.9 points per game. This compares favourably with an average score of 19.5 points in 2017, and 20.3 points in 2016
  • The focus on scores has yielded success despite an increase in points conceded. Limerick conceded 26.4 points per game, compared with an average of 23 points in 2017 and 19.3 points in 2016
  • Limerick’s ability to retain possession from their own restarts appears to have provided the platform for their level of scoring, as they won 70% of their own puckouts. This compares favourably with Galway for example, who managed to win 52% of their puckouts

Ciaran Kilkenny 2018 Statistical Analysis:

  • Ciaran’s average score per game has increased significantly in 2018 to 4.3 points. This compares with a career average of 2.2 points per game
  • Ciaran’s total score of 2-24 *in 2018 *represents a massive increase on his total for 2017 of 1-9
  • The license to shoot afforded to Kilkenny, with an increase to 43 shots in 2018 compared with 19 shots in 2017, appears to have paid off as his *shooting accuracy *has also increased from 52.6% in 2017 to 60.5% in 2018
  • When looking at the other two PWC Player Of The Year nominees, Kilkenny has a *99.4% pass completion *rate versus McCaffrey (97.4%) and Fenton (95.9%).

Dublin’s 2017 & 2018 Championship Statistics

Limerick 2018 Championship Statistics

Ciaran Kilkenny 2018 Championship Statistics

For comparison, below are the stats of fellow PWC Footballer of the Year nominees Brian Fenton and Jack McCaffrey for the 2018 Championship