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Dr Peter Horgan, GAA Education Officer, speaking at the 2020 GAA Games Development Conference, in partnership with Sky Sports. 
Dr Peter Horgan, GAA Education Officer, speaking at the 2020 GAA Games Development Conference, in partnership with Sky Sports. 

Over 10,000 coaches and counting complete Gaelic Games survey

By John Harrington

Over 10,000 Gaelic Games coaches have already completed the biggest ever coaching survey conducted in Irish sport.

The Gaelic Games Coach Survey 2020 is an initiative by the GAA, LGFA, and Camogie Association to help shape the future development of Gaelic Games and it has now been extended for another week.

“We're well over 10,000 responses now which was the overall target that we were looking for,” GAA Coach Education Officer, Dr. Peter Horgan, told GAA.ie.

“We've looked at some of the response so far and we're very happy that we've gotten a good spread across all counties and codes.

“What we're going to do is leave the survey open for another week, until the end of next week, just for those people who haven't had a chance to engage with it yet or for anyone who would like to.”

The lockdown has been a challenging time for coaches, but as Limerick GDA James Ryan told GAA.ie earlier this week, they’ve also used it as an opportunity to upskill.

GAA Games Development online activity May 2020. 
GAA Games Development online activity May 2020. 

Coaching webinars run by the GAA and individual county boards have been hugely successful, and Dr. Peter Horgan believes that coaches will now be more creative going forward.

“The engagement that we've gotten across both this survey and some of the webinars that we've been running and all the counties have been running has been enormous. 

“Around 48,000 people have engaged with webinars during the months of April and May. The engagement numbers have been enormous. A number of the speakers that we would have had on the various webinars would have emphasised that very point, that this is an opportunity to think about what it is you do and maybe try things you weren't able to do in the past, different communication methods and so on. 

“The various lockdown activities that we've had has forced people to be a bit creative and I think a lot of coaches have responded to that. 

“It's been a challenging time, but at the same time some little bit of good might come out of it in the broader sense if we become a bit more reflective on what we do and how we do it. 

“And maybe there might be some ways we can operate better in to the future that might be a little bit more friendly for our time. For example, we mightn't have to travel as much if we use video conferencing and video session and all of that.”

How do I access the survey?

The survey is available online, so you can access the survey through GAA.ie, Camogie.ie and LGFA.ie as well as the GAA Learning site – learning.gaa.ie. The survey will also be sent to each club secretary for circulation amongst the coaches within the club. If you have attended a coaching course previously, we will email the survey to you. If any coach wishes to receive the survey directly, they can do so by emailing gamesdevelopment@gaa.ie

Details for the survey are available from

Take Gaelic Games Coach Survey 2020

Alternatively, you can visit the GAA Learning website - https://learning.gaa.ie/coachsurvey or email gamesdevelopment@gaa.ie

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