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About Us

The GAA Community & Health Department aims to ensure that the health and wellbeing of members, clubs, and communities is at the core of all GAA activity. This is achieved by providing all units and members of the Association with access to appropriate support and information and enabling them to develop and maintain their optimum health. The delivery of this objective is done through the areas of work outlined above and spanning four strategic action areas: Foundations; Partnerships; Activity; The Club.


Foundations ensure best practice through the development of appropriate structures and policies to support all units and members of the GAA. They are what underpin all of our work.

Foundations can be...

  • The establishment of appropriate structures at Club, County, Provincial and National Level
  • The development of appropriate policy to equip those same structures with strong support
  • The production of realistic plans and strategies for all levels
  • The tools and resources necessary for the successful completion of the goals outlined in our plans


Partners are those people, whose values reflect those of the Association, allowing the achievement of mutual goals. Partners will frequently afford us the opportunity to operate within on of the other four building blocks and they can can be internal, other sections of the Association for example, or external, charities, government and statutory bodies or other NGO's or voluntary organisations. 

As well as being classified as either internal or external, the partnerships we establish can also be classified as...

  • Strategic - these are the long-term partnerships that allow us to deliver our strategic goals while supporting them in working towards their own long-term aspirations. 
  • Charity - these are the GAA charity partners, five selected annually, that benefit from a substantial donation as well promotion and activation throughout the 12 month term of their partnership. 


Activity covers all of the initiatives that are designed specifically to respond to the health and wellbeing needs of the GAA Membership. Often, activity will rely upon the support of our partners, and in some cases will be delivered entirely by our partners, but this is the point of our building blocks - they are not as effective on their own as they are when implemented in conjunction with one or more additional building block.

Activity can be...

  • Publications or resources.
  • Short- to medium-term programmes rolled out within a Club or County. 
  • Permanent adaptations to a Unit.

The Club

The Club is where all other building blocks can come together to foster an inclusive and respectful culture and environment that promotes health throughout the lifelong participation of our members.

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