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Allianz League Disciplinary Statistics

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Central Competitions Control Committee of the GAA has released statistics following the conclusion of the regular rounds of the 2014 Allianz Football leagues which show that:

  • Slightly less than one black card has been shown per Allianz Football League game in 2014
  • The total number of cards shown for disciplinary reasons has decreased dramatically
  • The number of scores per game has increased by over 10% on the 2013 leagues
  • Over a 20 year period, the number of scores per game being recorded in the Allianz leagues has increased by over 40%

Cards per game

The number of disciplinary cards shown to players in this year’s leagues has fallen dramatically with just 4.39 per game in 2014 (Black, Yellow and Red cards combined) being shown as opposed to 8.32 per game in the 2013 League (Yellow & Red cards combined).

The instance of black cards shown has been less than one per game played, while the number of yellow cards shown in 2014 was effectively half of the number shown during the 2013 leagues.

The average numbers of cards shown per game 2013 v 2014 are illustrated in the table in below:

  Yellow Double Yellow Black Red Total
2013 League 7.78 0.36 - 0.18 8.32
2014 League 3.79 0.18 0.8 0.12 4.89

Scores per Game

The number of scores per game has increased by over 10% since the introduction of the new Black Card rule for cynical behaviour fouls. In the 2014 leagues, the total aggregate scores (goals and points combined) per game played was 32.77 points. This was an increase of almost 3.5 points per game on that recorded in the 2013 leagues and 4 points per game on the 2012 totals. 

The instance of goals scored rose from 1.79 per game in the 2013 leagues to 2.38 per game in 2014 with individual points scored rising by an average of 1.7 per game. 

  Goals per game Points Per Game Aggregate
2011 League 1.70 20.58 28.92
2012 League 1.62 23.83 28.77
2013 League 1.79 23.92 29.36
2014 League 2.38 25.62 32.77

The figures released also indicate that there has been a steady and dramatic increase – in the region of 40% - in the number of scores per game recorded in Allianz Football league games over the last 20 years. The comparable figures from twenty years ago - the 1993/1994 leagues – reveal that at that time, the total aggregate average of points per game was only 23.15, well over 9 points less than in 2014. 

  Goals per game Points per game Aggregate
1993/1994 League 1.57 18.45 23.15
2014 League 2.38 25.62 32.77

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