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  • Sat 26 Jul 2014
  • 5:00pmGAA Football All
    Ireland Senior Championship 2014
    Cork vs. Sligo O Connor Park, Tullamore
  • 7:00pmGAA Football All
    Ireland Senior Championship 2014
    Galway vs. Tipperary O Connor Park, Tullamore
  • Sun 27 Jul 2014
  • 2:00pmGAA Hurling All
    Ireland Senior Championship 2014
    Limerick vs. Wexford Semple Stadium, Thurles
  • 4:00pmGAA Hurling All
    Ireland Senior Championship 2014
    Tipperary vs. Dublin Semple Stadium, Thurles
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Who will be the last side to advance to the All-Ireland Hurling Senior Quarter-Finals?

Transfers & Sanctions

Travel Sanction Cover to North America / New York / Canada
All players seeking a Sanction to play in North America, New York or Canada must purchase GAA Travel Sanction cover for 2014 before a Sanction will be granted by the GAA. The cost of the insurance depends on the duration of a player's stay.




The following are the steps which player's need to take to purchase the required insurance:

1. Go to the following link -
2. Choose 'Worldwide' cover 'Up to 6 months'
3. Members of Clubs in the 32 Counties of Ireland can purchase the insurance, please ignore the reference to the Six Counties, which states ‘excluding Northern Ireland’
4. Choose the most accurate number of days that you will be staying in North America / New York / Canada
5. Please purchase the 'Standard' cover available.  Budget cover is not acceptable
6. Please read and accept the terms and conditions of the policy and apply for the cover
7. Fill in all the required fields in order to obtain your documentation
8. Once purchased, the confirmation letter should be submitted along with the Official Sanction Form to your County Secretary who will submit it to Croke Park
9. Once approved, all Sanctions will appear on the relevant lists at



  • Only the 'Standard' cover will suffice, a Sanction will not be granted if a player purchases 'Budget' cover.
  • If you have any queries on the GAA Travel Sanction cover, please contact ACE Travel Insurance on 1800 200 035 and use the GAA Travel Sanction cover as your reference.
  • Insurance with another company is sufficient as long as you obtain a letter which confirms that you are covered to play for a GAA Club whilst abroad. Please do not submit travel policies without such confirmation in writing.
  • Sanctions which arrive in Croke Park without the necessary documentation will not be granted.
  • All Sanctions submitted with the necessary documentation to Croke Park will only be placed online after 4pm on any given day.
  • All correspondence with Croke Park in relation to Sanctions and amendments must come through the relevant County Secretary.


Club Transfers

  • Information relating to Club transfers can be found in the Official Guide 2013, Part 1.
  • For information pertaining to Club transfers within a County, please contact your County Board.
  • For information pertaining to Club transfers within a Province, please contact the Provincial Council you are transferring to.


Transfer and Sanction Lists


Frequently Asked Question

Q. When can I play after my transfer is granted?

A. At the earliest, a player cannot play for six days after a transfer is granted in Croke Park.  Once both County Committees are notified of a decision on a transfer application by Croke Park, there is a three day period for an Appeal. This period must expire and cannot be expedited. On the expiry of these three days, the player can be registered by his Club and the transfer becomes effective.

All players must be registered three days before a game.


Canadian County Board
All queries regarding sanctions and transfers to play under the jurisdiction of the Canadian County Board must be referred to


Other Authorisations / Permits
All queries regarding other authorisations and permits must be referred to your County Secretary.


Application Forms

Below is a list of transfer, sanction and authorisation forms. Please download the appropriate one:

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