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Which province will produce the 2016 AIB GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Club Champions?

Rules Update

Updated 22/05/2013


Rule 3.21 – Sub-Committees / Functions

(v) Planning and Physical development Committee It shall be responsible for Grounds and Physical
Development, Club Development, Grounds’ Safety, and Planning. It shall also, in conjunction with the Provincial
Council, be responsible for the training of Club

Rule 3.32 - Monitoring of County Fixtures Programme

Club Games shall not be postponed because of a County’s involvement in an Inter-County Championship, except
as provided for within these Rules. A County that fails to comply with the Policy and Directives of Central Council
on the proper scheduling of Club Fixtures shall have penalties imposed upon it. Penalties shall be imposed by:
- the Provincial Council where non-compliance occurs during the Provincial Inter-County Championships.
- the Central Council’s Management Committee where non-compliance occurs during the Qualifier/All Ireland  Series.



Rule 6.6 – Inter County Transfers

(e) Subject to Sub-rule (b) of this Rule, the application shall be granted if there is no objection from the
Club or County the player is leaving within ten days of the forwarding of the application to the County
by the Central Council or Provincial Council, as appropriate

(f) Where an objection is lodged by the County the player is leaving, it too shall be entitled to have its
submission considered and, on appeal, to make submissions.

(j) A Transfer becomes effective:
- On the expiry of the period allowed for an Appeal against the decision on the Transfer application or, if an Appeal is submitted, on the making of a decision on the Appeal and - On Rule 2.3 being subsequently complied with.

Rule 6.7 (b) (2) – Playing Restrictions

(2) A player of a Club without a Minor/Under 21 team, subject to County Bye- Laws, may play:
(a) With an Independent Minor/Under 21Team within the County which shall not bear the name of an Adult Club within that County
(b) With another Minor/Under 21 team within the County. In the case of a team having five or more players under this provision in Rule, the team shall play under and be recognised by the amalgamated names of the two Clubs in question or by an Independent name which shall not bear the name of an Adult Club within the County.

A player who plays on a team provided for in (a) or (b) above, shall be a registered member of his Adult Club and shall retain membership of that Club during and at the conclusion of his playing participation with a team formed under (a) or (b).

Rule 6.11 – Playing in USA / Canada / Australasia

(b) (vi) A player who has received a Sanction shall not be eligible to play again with his Club in Ireland for the 60 days after the date of approval of his Sanction in Croke Park or until September 1st (whichever is the earlier),
but is eligible to play with his County.

Rule 6.11 – Playing in USA / Canada / Australasia

(b) (viii) The number of Sanctioned Players permitted for any Club in the North American County Board Area shall be as follows:
- A Club with one team - a maximum of ten; In Senior Hurling only a Club with one team – a maximum of twelve.
- A Club with a second team - a further eight.

In addition, a Club may also avail of the services of Players who have a valid current J1 Visa, as well as a separate J1 Sanction.

In the case of the Canadian Board Area, the maximum number of Sanctioned Players per club shall be ten.

In the case of New York, the maximum number of Sanctioned Players per team shall be six.


Updated 31/05/2011

Use of GAA Grounds - Ard Chomhairle Policy
1. Broad Policy on Use of GAA facilities
The Gaelic Athletic Association has a policy not to provide the use of its Grounds or facilities for rival field sports in respect of which the Association is in competition for membership and participation. The GAA last reviewed its policy position on the matter in 1993 as part of the Report of the Fó-Choiste to prepare policy statements for the Association.

In the interim the following major rule changes of relevance have occurred:

  • In 2005 Annual Congress took the decision to allow use of Croke Park on a temporary basis by the Irish National Rugby team and the Republic of Ireland soccer team while Lansdowne Road was under redevelopment.
  • In 2010, Annual Congress voted to allow Central Council to consider applications for Use of Croke Park only, by other sports, on a case by case basis.

In the light of these significant changes, the restatement of the policy by Ard Chomhairle in August 2010 and a change in the penalty for breach of Rule 5.1 T.O. 2010 at Congress 2011, it is an appropriate time to re-affirm to clubs and update the GAA’s policy position on use of its property. Most of the observations of the 1993 Fó-Choiste retain their relevance today and are retained as current policy on the following basis:

Our primary objective is the development and promotion of Gaelic Games and our grounds and facilities give an essential permanent presence and identity to the Association and to our National Games in their respective locations and communities, in keeping with the Association’s purpose and standing.

Were our grounds to be made available for games promoted by other organisations in direct competition with our national games it would seriously dilute this presence and the unity of purpose of the Association and would be an absolute contradiction of the Association’s aims.

Among the reasons that the GAA does not make the use of its grounds available for rival field sports are the following:

  • It conflicts with our fundamental aim of promoting Gaelic Games
  • It would have a serious adverse effect on the promotion of Gaelic Games in the medium and long term
  • The Association would lose the advantage that its facilities provide it with in competing with other – often professional and commercially driven – sports.
  • Many GAA grounds are currently over-utilised
  • A conflict of interest would lead to grounds not being available at all the times they would be required for the playing of Gaelic Games
  • Our playing season would be dictated by the demands of other sports.
  • The Association’s purpose and mandate is to manage its affairs in the best interests of Gaelic Games and in this regard its policy is not unique among sporting bodies.

Riail 5.1 as per T.O 2009:

Uses of Property
(a) All property including grounds, Club Houses, Halls, Dressing Rooms and Handball Alleys owned or controlled by units of the Association shall be used only for the purpose of or in connection with the playing of the Games controlled by the Association, and for such other purposes not in conflict with the Aims and Objects of the Association, that may be sanctioned from time to time by the Central Council.

(b) Grounds controlled by Association units shall not be used or permitted to be used, for Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, or for Field Games other than those sanctioned by Central Council.

2. Operational Policy in respect of Ancillary Facilities
The Rule as currently stated is divided into two sections, (a) and (b). The first covers grounds, club houses, halls, dressing rooms and handball alleys specifically and can probably be interpreted as being related to all main and ancillary facilities which might in today’s terms include the likes of:

  • Indoor halls
  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Astroturf facilities (other than full size)

The rule states that such facilities should be used only for the purpose of or in connection with the playing of our Games & for such other purposes not in conflict with our aims that may be sanctioned by the Central Council.

Central Council considered:
a. if the use of ancillary facilities for recreational purposes by groups of individuals conflicts with the aims and objects of the Association and
b. If they should therefore sanction use of our grounds for such purposes?
c. Whether non-field sports (e.g. gymnastics) were intended to be covered by the rule

Ard Chomhairle policy on Ancillary Facilities

  1. The GAA does not permit use of its grounds or ancillary facilities* by any other sporting associations (or units of same) promoting field sports.
  2. The GAA does not permit use of its grounds or ancillary facilities for party political purposes or for other purposes that are clearly politically motivated or linked to a politically motivated group
  3. GAA clubs, at their discretion, and as part of their role as a Community Centred organisation, may permit use of ancillary facilities to groups of individuals for recreational purposes that are not considered contrary to the GAA’s own Aims and Objectives.
  4. Use of GAA controlled property (including leasing or renting to any outside body or community group) for any purposes not specifically covered in items 1-3 above, requires the express permission of Central Council via the relevant County Committee.

*Ancillary Facilities are defined as Club Houses, Halls, Dressing Rooms, Handball Alleys, Meeting rooms, Indoor halls, non-full size Astro Turf facilities, squash, basketball or tennis courts and any similar facilities controlled by units of the Association.

3. Operational Policy in respect of Full Size and Juvenile Size Outdoor Playing pitches (inc. full size astro turf pitches)
Part (b) of the Rule refers specifically to “Grounds” and it would seem fair to assume (on the basis that it goes on to reference Horse and Greyhound racing and other Field Games) that it is meant to refer to outdoor playing facilities. The following might be considered a relevant list of field games in this context:

  • American Football
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Soccer
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Hockey
  • Cricket

Of those listed, only American Football and to a lesser extent Australian Rules Football have in the past received the sanction of Central Council to be played on GAA facilities and they were sanctioned on the basis that they were not considered to be contrary to the objectives of the GAA.

Ard Chomhairle policy on use of Full Size and Juvenile Size Outdoor Playing pitches (incl. full size astro turf pitches) controlled by units of the Association:

  1. The GAA does not permit use of its playing facilities by other sporting bodies or for sporting activities other than those controlled by the Association itself
  2. However, Central Council, as enshrined in rule, retains the right to sanction use of GAA facilities, from time to time, for field sports and for such other purposes it considers not being in conflict with the aims and objectives of the Association.

4. Penalty for breach of Rule
In the event of any Club, County Committee, or Provincial Council acting contrary to this Rule, that body shall be subject to suspension or fine, as deemed appropriate.

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